Door Soundproofing

Sweep and sealDoor Soundproofing is a good way to stop noise from travelling from one room to another. We have many different Door Sweeps available for any door. From Automatic Door Sweeps, to the usual door gasket, we can make sure your door has a proper seal so that sound will not go in or out of the room. Due to multiple different sizes, types and needs, door soundproofing usually must be customized. Give us a call and New England Soundproofing can find the perfect door soundproofing kit for your door. These door sweeps can be installed as a do-it-yourself project or we would be happy to install it for you. Your door can be wooden, metal, glass, hollow or solid.

Along with the multiple door sweeps that we carry, we also have multiple Weather-strips for your door so that it makes a tight and complete seal when closed. We use top of the line, commercial grade products from Reese Enterprise, so you know you are getting the best products. We carry a variety of door sweeps and weatherstrips in stock for local pickup, but also can get custom door sweeps and weather-strips for any size door. Call us today with measurements and we can get you the best door sweep, weather-strips, and any door accessories for you.



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Holiday Inn Boston Garden contacted New England Soundproofing due to the complaints from clients stating that they are being bothered by unwanted noise coming from the hallways. Manager Jamie Gleason stated that, "Our clients don’t want to be bothered by the noise coming from different rooms and the hallways, they just want to...

Medical Office Door Soundproofing


A local doctor's office that performs state-of-the-art hearing services to improve patients’ lives, had sound issues throughout their new office space. The head doctor noticed that the noise from the waiting room was coming into the testing areas, which was affecting the testing that was being performed to the patients....

Boiler Room Door Soundproofing


The above video is soundproofing and door seal kit for a door entering a boiler room. This door kit was an HD door kit and along with the solid core door, we attached soundproofing material directly to the door. This provided for extra soundproofing and made sure...

Bedroom Door Soundproofing


A couple in Mansfield MA, wanted to separate their living space with their bedroom. One of the weakest links is the door separating the two rooms, along with the abutting wall. New England Soundproofing soundproofed the wall along with installing a Door Seal Kit. The door seal kit includes the...