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New England Soundproofing Offers Many Different Options For Clients.

From Purchasing Just The Soundproofing Material To Consulting And Full Installation!


SoundproofingNew England Soundproofing is proud to offer our On-Site Consultation Service all over New England. We are able to go to your home or office and evaluate the noise situation first. Then we hand submit a report to you regarding our findings and suggested solutions.  We either sell the material to you or professionally install it ourselves.

We operate out of Boston, MA and will travel to you. We don't just consult with you on what product you need and should buy, we can also consult with you or your contractor on how to install these products. If you want to do the installation yourself or have your own contractor install them, we can be an on-site consultant for the job. 




We will travel not only in Massachusetts but also other states, including:

  • Massachusetts
  • Connecticut
  • Rhode Island
  • New Hampshire
  • Maine
  • Vermont


New England Soundproofing has a 10,000 square foot warehouse located at 40 Norfolk Ave, Easton MA 02375, which holds hundreds of instock soundproofing materials for your convenience. Our expert team can help you with your purchase and give tips/tricks of the trade so that you can get the most out of your soundproofing products. Our products can be purchased in store or directly online and shipped to your doorstep! Visit our online store at www.NESoundproofingStore.com and get all the up-to-date materials sent directly to your home or office. For high volume orders, call us directly at 781-710-1261 and we'll help you get the best prices around!


At New England Soundproofing, we can provide full in-house installation from our full crew. We offer a turnkey solution so that you don't have to lift a finger, other than to give us a call. Our full crew can do it all, from installing the products, to plastering and painting. You're in good hands when New England Soundproofing is doing your install!

Our History:

Joseph Drago is a well-respected, licensed contractor who has worked in the Boston area since 1991. Since 1985, Joseph has been specializing in residential and commercial contracting throughout Massachusetts. His renowned, advanced skills in construction have earned him a reputation as one of Boston's premiere contractors. His work has been featured in many residential showcases and industry publications.

Mr. Drago wanted to bring his contracting skills to the next level. As the years went by and the soundproofing industry improved, he saw that he could improve people's quality of life with the more effective soundproofing materials. After many years of satisfied customers, Joseph Drago, with the help of his two sons, Steven and Anthony, established New England Soundproofing, a Boston-based company providing consultation, installation, and well-priced soundproofing material and service to the New England area. 

New England Soundproofing offers unparalleled expertise and service to clients looking for soundproofing solutions for a home or office. We provide superior soundproofing solutions and installations that fit each client's unique needs. 

New England Soundproofing, offering services from start to finish, has earned a well-deserved reputation as true, knowledgeable professionals. 

Our Expansion:

In 2019 New England Soundproofing purchased growing soundproofing company Sonic-Shield of Port Richy Florida. The acquisition expanded the company to be one of the largest full service soundproofing companies in the US. New England Soundproofing of Easton, Massachusetts has taken its two-year old partnership with Sonic-Shield LLC of Port Richey, Florida to a new level by acquiring the company in an asset purchase agreement.  New England Soundproofing immediately gains an expanded footprint by acquiring Sonic-Shield's national marketing reach and customer base while Sonic-Shield benefits from the manufacturing synergies provided by New England Soundproofing for their rapidly growing national brand of REVRB™ acoustic panels. Additionally, New England Soundproofing has created a new division, also based in Port Richey, called Florida-Soundproofing.  

 About Our Team!

Joseph Drago

Joseph DragoJoseph Drago, owner of New England Soundproofing and Drago General Contracting, started Equity Design and Build, a high end home build/renovation company in 1991. Joe and his long term partner Carl designed and built custom homes for families all over Massachusetts. In 1997, Joe took charge of his talents and branched away from his partner to focus on high end kitchen, bathroom, and full home renovations. That's when Drago General Contracting Corp started, a high end, family run, custom contracting company. "Whatever the client wants, we will deliver!" said Joseph when asked what he provided to the customer. "There is no project too big or too small for us; we love seeing the client satisfied, so that is why I will never say, 'no, it cannot be done'. Everything is possible and Drago GC brings that attitude to every job!" In 2011, after 5+ years of installing and selling soundproofing products under Drago General Contract, Joseph branched off of Drago General Contract and opened New England Soundproofing, a Massachusetts full-service soundproofing company that provides a turnkey solution. Joe saw that more and more clients were asking for soundproofing solutions for their homes and condos, and there was no soundproofing store in Massachusetts. With the help of his two sons, the family expanded their contracting skills to offer consultations on how to fix sound issues, installation of soundproofing materials, as well as supply soundproofing materials right here in Massachusetts.

Anthony Drago

Anthony DragoAnthony Drago, now a co-owner of New England Soundproofing, began working under the tutelage of his father and owner of Drago General Contracting Corp, at age sixteen. After completing several apprenticeships, Anthony joined Drago General Contracting Corp full-time, where he honed his skills as a gifted carpenter. He was instrumental in the creation of New England Soundproofing in 2011, assembling and training a team of talented laborers before settling into his role overseeing job sites, conducting on-site consultations and providing detailed proposals to clients. His attention to detail, commitment to his clients and his mechanically inclined mind renders Anthony truly vital to the success of the company.

Outside of work, Anthony is an avid boater and a skilled hockey player. He currently resides in Marlborough, MA.

Steven Drago

Steven DragoSteven Drago is the youngest son of Joseph Drago and the newest member to Drago General Contracting. Steven helped expand the Drago General Contracting name during the 2000's. Steven graduated Suffolk University with Summa Cum Laude, Sigma Nu Tua, FMA Honors Society and dual majors. In 2011, Steven was a big part of the Drago General Contracting expansion, launching NewEnglandSoundproofing.com and marketing the company to bring the soundproofing industry to Massachusetts. Today, Steven handles accounts, inventory, marketing and online sales.  He heads the sound testing that New England Soundproofing now performs, while also consulting with customers for daily questions. 

Outside of work, Steven is an avid boater and loves to travel. He currently resides in Bridgewater, MA.

Danielle Lajoie

Danielle LaJoie

Danielle joined New England Soundproofing in 2016 after growing weary of the insurance world. Since then, she has enjoyed the challenges and triumphs that go hand-in-hand with growing a small business. While her job description ranges greatly, you can often expect her to be your point of contact during your project’s lifecycle and she takes great pride in providing the care and attention she feels each client deserves. 

Danielle graduated from Boston University in 2009 with a major in Communications and a minor in Italian. The things that make her happiest are music, books, the ocean, and most of all, spending time with her husband and sons. 

Dylan Carnes

Dylan Carnes joined New England Soundproofing in 2014 and immediately became an integral part of the team. A quick learner with an easy demeanor, he quickly grew within the company and increasingly found himself as a project manager. His extensive knowledge of the products and installation processes made his transition to sales in 2018 seamless. Since then, his professionalism, expertise and natural drive to serve his clients have allowed him to see great success as a jack-of-all trades in the office and on-site and he is now vital to the success of New England Soundproofing overall.

In his free time, he is a talented recording artist with his own record label. He loves to play baseball and football and spend time with his family and friends. He currently resides in his hometown, Waltham, MA.


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