Holiday Inn Door Soundproofing for Quiet Hotel Rooms


Holiday Inn Boston Garden has high-end clients that can get bothered by unwanted noise from the hallways. Manager Jamie Gleason stated that, "High end clients don’t want to be bothered by noise from different rooms and hallways, and want to relax in their hotel." New England Soundproofing examined the hallway noise and saw that the best solution is to seal the doors with the Mechanical Door Sweep and Seals. After installing the door kits, Mr. Gleason stated it as "Successful" and "The best and easiest solution for hotels to soundproof and keep noise out of the rooms." After installing the door kits, we saw a 30-decible reduction when testing the noise on the doors. Repeat guests of the Holiday Inn Boston Garden noticed a difference in noise, and there have been less complaints of hallway noise. Mr. Gleason Stated "The install of the kits was seamless and easy. New England Soundproofing did all of our doors, fast and professional. The final outcome stopped extreme noise!" 



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