Marine Soundproofing

When you’re a boater, your vessel is your everything: It’s your source of pride, enjoyment, and frustration. But engine noise shouldn’t contribute to that frustration. And several national committees agree. The National Association of State Boating Law Administration (NASBLA) and the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) both abide by Model Noise Acts, and the Environmental Protection Agency issued acceptable decibel levels at corresponding distances. In fact, many towns and states have even instituted laws capping the allowable boat engine decibels.

So whether your engine room employs a crew of twenty or is a tight fit for one, New England Soundproofing has a solution to dampen the noise generated by your inboard or inboard/outboard motors. And you’ll be able to sail easy knowing that all of the soundproofing materials are flame-retardant and water resistant. So while a boater’s work is never done, New England Soundproofing will help you cross engine noise off of your list.