Soundproofing Glue to Reduce Airborne Noise: Try Our Green Glue

Green Glue Soundproofing is just another way to reduce the noise coming through your wall. A very easy to install material that is used between two layers of drywall. Green Glue has a unique formula that will add to your soundproofing. Green Glue is good to get rid of airborne noise and works perfectly with our Sound Clips and MLV Sound Barrier. Green Glue is easily applied with a caulk gun and comes in 28 oz tubes. This green 100% recycled material is a perfect do-it-yourself product for small home projects. 

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With Green Glue, New England Soundproofing suggests that the second layer of drywall gets staggered from the first layer. What this means is that you don't want two joints to line up. This technique allows no noise to be able to come through the seams of the drywall. See pictures below for more information.  

Recommended Coverage:

  • 1 tube per 32 square feet or per 4' x 8' sheet will deliver result rates equal to 70% of the performance of two tubes per 32 square feet
  • If low frequency performance is the primary goal and budget is not an issue, use 3 tubes per 32 square feet or 4' x 8' sheet plus other soundproofing material. Green Glue is NOT made for low frequency. 
  • 1 - 5 gallon bucket will cover 365 square feet
  • Never use more than 3 tubes per 32 square feel or 4' x 8' sheet

Though Green Glue is a good soundproofing product, we do not suggest for Green Glue as the only Soundproofing solution. We found that Green Glue takes down mostly air born, or talking noise. Using Green Glue will not stop impact and vibration noise. Call New England Soundproofing for more information.