Sound Clips to Reduce Transmission Noise

Sound Clip Purchase

Sound Isolation Clips are the best way to reduce any transmission noise. Transmission noise is a reverberation often created by these types of sound. The transmission sound will travel between rooms and floors, vibrating in the walls. Noise that will vibrate will travel, and travel from room to room, from 2nd floor to 1st. Using a sound clip, New England Soundproofing are able to reduce transmission noises in your home or office. It is tested, and with proper installation and the right products, has achieved a rating of STC 63!

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Sound clips can have an STC as high as 63 with the right application. Thickness of the clip is 9/16''. Purchase the clip individually or in high volume for a discounted rate! New England Soundproofing suggests never exceeding spans of 24'' when installing the clips. Also, we suggest using the Resilient Channels. Call New England Soundproofing for more information. All sound clips must use 7/8" or 1 1/2" furring channels. For fire rating, you must use the provided washer. Sound clips are to be fastened to structure with a minimum #8 screw or masonry sleeve. 



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