soundproofingPeace of Mind is the result when we soundproof your home or business - - the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you can't hear the neighbors, and that THEY can't hear you! Make your home or office a stress free zone by eliminating the NOISE; traffic, barking dogs, footsteps, loud music, raised voices, even mechanical systems like boilers, generators, heaters, plumbing or AC units. These are the sounds of modern living. Let us mitigate their effect on your ability to enjoy your home, or to run your business. New England Soundproofing has many years of experience quieting the New England Area!

Peace & Quiet is a precious commodity, and one that New England Soundproofing can deliver with precision. New England Soundproofing furnishes on-site sound testing in order to accurately understand how sound is behaving in your space. We have cutting edge technical solutions for every noise problem area, residential or commercial, and for every type of structure. Whether you want to keep the noise in, out, or both, call the noise pollution experts and get the perfect solution. Whether we install or you do, we work with owners, contractors and property managers to find the best, most cost-effective noise abatement solution.


We have many different scenarios and ways to soundproof. Every job is different and we will be customizing your project just to fit your need and budget.

We can soundproof any home, office, mechanical room, or even marine use, whether new construction or existing retrofit. The most efficient way to address sound transmission issues is during construction however, we have aftermarket solutions that can reduce noise throughout your existing home or business. Whether it is during or after construction, we can soundproof your home, office, or even boat, successfully!

Legal Harborside Acoustic Treatment

Soundproofing is an exciting field because there are new products and solutions coming out every month. See our Soundproofing Videos to see how well the products we use really work! We have soundproofed condos, rental units, offices, music studios, bars and restaurants all over New England. With houndreds of satisfied customer, New England Soundproofing is the only place to get your soundproofing products, along with being able to have FULL professional installations done! Please call 781-710-1261 and tell us about your least favorite noise! 



Now get soundproofing products sent right to your home or business! 

Order online at, open 24 hours a day! provides excellent soundproofing and acoustic products delivered directly to your door. Any contractor, or hands on homeowner can install this easy-to-do soundproofing material. New England Soundproofing will ship you not only the product, but instructions for the installation of the product, and of course you can ask us any questions directly by calling (781) 710-1261!

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