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Soundproofing Reduces Air Conditioning Noise


A new homeowner noticed that the home Air Conditioning unit was located too close to the deck. The noise when it turned on and ran was disturbing the peaceful relaxation of the back yard. New England Soundproofing had to install Sound Barrier MD and Sound Absorption insulation to reduce the...

Boiler Room Noise Reduction


After meeting with the building owner and talks with neighboring unit owners, New England Soundproofing was able to evaluate the excess noise from the boiler room transmitting to the apartment up above. The boiler is a gas-fired boiler, and the fan blower...

Loud Machinery Room Sound Absorption


A loud compressor was disturbing the work throughout a machine shop building in Waltham MA. Workers and management in the building were getting distracted by the noise and needed a solution for it. After calling New England Soundproofing to come assess the noise, we...