Boiler Room Noise Reduction


AcousticAfter meeting with the building owner and talks with neighboring unit owners, New England Soundproofing was able to evaluate the excess noise from the boiler room transmitting to the apartment up above. The boiler is a gas-fired boiler, and the fan blower and the boiler burning created a high volume of noise that would disturb the neighbors. The walls surrounding the boiler are brick, and the ceiling, of gypsum plaster. After an on-site investigation, New England Soundproofing noticed that the boiler noise was reverberating off the walls and ceiling and enhancing the original noise from the furnace. This is a very common issue with furnace rooms that have hard surface surroundings.

After talking with the owners, they wanted to start with just absorption panels around the boiler. New England Soundproofing installed the absorption panels on the ceiling only so that the tenants upstairs won't hear the noise. New England Soundproofing strapped the ceiling and install the absorption panels on to the ceiling around the pipes and electrical to cover the ceiling as much as possible. This method helped absorb the reverberation noise and also helped block the noise from transmitting to the apartment above. The outcome of the project was just enough to satisfy the tenant and owner. The noise in the boiler room was reduced, reverberation within the room around the boiler was significantly reduced, and the tenant above could barely hear the boiler when it was on! For more information on this or other projects, please contact New England Soundproofing at (781) 710-1261 or email us directly at

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