Music Room Soundproofing


A local homeowner just moved into his town home in Medford MA. The new homeowner was also a musician that had a band but had nowhere to practice. The new homeowner wanted to transform his basement room into a private music room that he and his band members could play without worrying of any of the neighbors being disturbed. New England Soundproofing assessed the current room, plastered walls, concrete floor, plastered ceiling, and knew exactly how to successfully satisfied the customer. New England Soundproofing first started off with Sound Insul, double Sound Barrier MD, Sound Isolation clips, and all the accessories to make the ceiling and all the walls air tight. On the ground, we installed the Carpet Underlayment HD. Additional products like the Green Glue for the sheet rock and an additional soundproofed door was installed. The outcome was perfect and the neighbors couldn’t hear the band practicing!

New England Soundproofing is Massachusetts only consultant and installer of just soundproofing materials. We provide the best solution and best materials to soundproof anyone’s room, home, office and even boat! We sell the best products, but also offer professional installation! Contact a representative today for your next soundproofing job! Contact us directly at 781-710-1261 or shoot us an email 

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