Doctor's Office Soundproofing


A local doctor's office that performs state-of-the-art hearing services to improve patients’ lives, had sound issues throughout the new office space. The head doctor noticed that the noise from the waiting room was coming into the testing areas, which was affecting the testing that was being performed to the patients. After a call with New England Soundproofing and an on-site assessment, we realized that it wasn’t just noise coming from the wall, but also through the door, and echoing throughout the hall way. New England Soundproofing knew that soundproofing the wall, installing the door seal kit, and adding acoustic panels would result in a perfect solution. After soundproofing the wall by isolating the old wall and building a new wall with our soundproofing products, the end result was perfect. No more noise from the waiting room went into the doctors testing area. Along with that, the acoustic panels helped slow down the reverberation within the hallways, which made it a pleasant office overall! 

Some Products Used:

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