Boiler Room Soundproofing for Condominium


“New England Soundproofing is the only way to go!” was the comment by Michael McEnearney, the condominium trustee and unit owner after the finalization of a major boiler room soundproofing that included absorption of the wall/ceiling and soundproofing of the door leading into the room. Mr. McEneaney lives above the boiler room and was bothered by the sounds that the boiler and other mechanical machines were making. After loss of sleep, and being very bothered with the noise, a call to New England Soundproofing was made to put a stop to the noise. New England Soundproofing worked with the client and management association to figure out a solution to satisfy both parties. We aligned the whole room with absorption materials, and also installed the HD Door kit for the door leading into the mechanical room. Along with the door kit, New England Soundproofing installed sound barring products directly to the solid core door. Upon completion of all the soundproofing, Mr. McEneany was extremely satisfied with the noise reduction, stating that New England Soundproofing “muted the boiler room from the homeowners of the building and I can now live in peace.”  


Letter Of Recommendation

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