Existing Condo Ceiling Soundproofing


Mr. and Mrs. Price were beyond satisfied with the work done to their master bedroom ceiling. New England Soundproofing was called to help the homeowners with sound issues coming from the ceiling. The open floor plan home that was above their first floor condo allowed the noise of kids running to travel down into their master bedroom. New England Soundproofing saw that with 14’ high ceilings, we could install the best soundproofing products into the ceiling. For this project, we removed the existing ceiling to get down to the joists of the ceiling. From there, we applied our Sound Barrier MD onto the existing joist. After that, we framed in a secondary ceiling about 4 inches below to create a bigger air space. We installed our Quiet Insul 5’’, along with another layer of Sound Barrier MD. When we framed our new ceiling, we used isolation pads all around the perimeter of the ceiling so that any vibration down the walls would not enter the new ceiling. After all the soundproofing materials were installed, taped, and sealed, New England Soundproofing finished off the ceiling with blue board, plaster, and paint. The final product was perfect for the homeowners, and they enjoyed their soundproofed room just shortly after the start of the project!

New England Soundproofing did every step of this project, making it easier on the customer and faster for us. New England Soundproofing offers everything from start to finish so that our customers don’t need to outsource any of the steps. New England Soundproofing is a full soundproofing company that offers complete installation, and our customers enjoy that. For your next soundproofing project, call us and enjoy the comfort and reliability of our service, from start to finish.

New England Soundproofing used the following products:

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