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Restaurant Acoustics Painted Burro

In the restaurant industry, customer satisfaction is the number one priority. In Boston, restaurant noise is the number one complaint. 

New England Soundproofing can help you strike that delicate balance between the lively atmosphere you want, and keeping your guests happy. Our line of REVRBcustom Acoustic Panels and Baffles are designed to absorb reverberation and echo while blending seamlessly into your décor.

Each REVRB™ custom Acoustic Baffle and Panel is handmade in our Massachusetts-based workshop, and can be customized to any shape or size. Choose from dozens of colors and textures, or turn a favorite photograph or image into a soundproofed work of art with our screen printed acoustic panel option. And with a standard thickness of 2”, products from our REVRB™ line won’t take up any more room than a painting. New England Soundproofing can produce other thicknesses for special orders!

But that’s not even the best part! Not only is your REVRB™ product proven to perform, having 105% absorption coefficient (ASTM C-423), but you’ll rest easier knowing that each panel or baffle is Class A Fire-Rated (ASTM E-84) as well.

REVRB™ Acoustics - Redefining The Art Of Soundproofing


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Acoustic Panel Soundproofing Brings Back Lost Customers

The acoustic panel soundproofing we installed at the Charred Oak Tavern was so effective, it actually attracted customers that hadn't visited the restaurant in a long time: Hi Joe & Team,  One of the things that we missed completely when opening up our new restaurant, was...

Tresca Restaurant & Bar


Tresca Restaurant & Bar in Boston’s North End is still the place where Bruins legend Ray Bourque hangs out.  In 2017 a new chapter begins with Co-Owners Ray Bourque and New Executive Chef, Rich Ansara.  Tresca Restaurant & Bar has two floors and 130 seats....

Steel & Rye Restaurant


The Steel & Rye, a high-class restaurant and bar in the Lower Mills area of Milton MA, wanted to lower the noise level that separated the kitchen and dining area of the restaurant. The restaurant has beautiful high wooden ceiling, exposed beams and a...

Acoustical Analysis for Legal Seafood Restaurant

Legal Seafood
Boston, MA

Legal Sea Foods is one of the most impressive high-end seafood eateries on the East Coast. And that’s a distinction that carries some serious weight around New England.  So when the manager of the flagship location – Boston Legal Harborside – was...

Restaurant Acoustical Soundproofing Treatment

East Greenwich
Rhode Island

Aesthetically, The Trap was perfect, but acoustically, it was suffering. High, vaulted ceilings; oversized windows; a large, muraled wall as the visual centerpiece; and exposed hardwood through this small space all contributed to the bar’s poor acoustics. But it is a bar after all,...

Acoustic Panels for Background Reverberation in Tavern


“Broadside has officially debuted at 99 Broad St., taking over the space where Barney Fanning’s once stood […] and offering plenty of beer, sports on television, and a fancy ceiling.” Hey, our work is making headlines! That “fancy ceiling” is...

Haddads Restaurant


Haddads Restaurant contacted New England Soundproofing regarding the existing bar area at the restaurant.  The bar room treatments are hard tile floors, plastered walls with windows on 2 sides, and plastered/wood ceiling. The space is mainly used for bar and entertainment. During the visit...

Custom Acoustic Panels for Noise Control in Italian Restaurant

North End, Boston

La Famiglia Giorgio’s is the quintessential authentic Italian restaurant in the renowned North End district of Boston. Wedged between two brick buildings, this family-owned business is constantly packed with diners searching for vero cibo Italiano. Yet, in true North End fashion,...

Restaurant Soundproofing Reduces Echo


Tuscan Kitchen invites you to “enter a world of regional Italian cooking where we celebrate the culinary traditions from all over Italy.” Unfortunately, this world, while incredibly delicious, was also extremely loud, and despite the artistry infused into every delectable dish, guests were...

Acoustic Panels Custom Designed to Accomodate Light Fixtures


The Aviary is a beautiful space, washed in hues of soft blues, greens, and whites highlighted by farmhouse-chic details. After a few months though, the owners recognized that the acoustics in one of their signature rooms –...

Reducing Noise Level in Bowling Alley Revitalizes Business


The Mashpee Lanes Bowl And Bistro had various concerns with the noise levels within the bar and dinning area. Customers complained about the high level of noise, especially during the weekend nights when the live band played. New England Soundproofing provided and installed...

Restaurant Kitchen Soundproofing with Acoustic Baffles


The Steel & Rye, a high class restaurant and bar in the Lower Mills area of Milton MA, wanted to lower the noise level that separated the kitchen and dinning area of the restaurant. The restaurant has beautiful high wooden...

Custom Acoustic Accessories to Match Restaurant Decor


When New England Soundproofing received a call from The Lobster Trap we knew that customized acoustic panels was key to help reduce and match the décor of the restaurant. The Lobster Trap, located in Bourne MA, was...

Soundproofing of Irish Pub Increases Revenue


Terry O’Reillys Irish Pub, Newton’s popular pub, was just retrofitted with new “Pure White” acoustic panels on the ceiling to absorb restaurant noise within one section of the pub. Owner and managers in the restaurant knew...

Sound Solutions for High End Bar Restaurant


With high complaints coming from customers over the loud noise of the high end bar/restaurant in down town Boston, The Ward 8 knew that with low return rates from customers, they needed a change. New England Soundproofing did a on-site visit to the high-end bar and knew that with the...

Acoustic Panel Treatment Increases Customer Satisfaction


Shoppers Cafe in Waltham MA was having noise issues within the restaurant, making customers unsatisfied with the atmosphere and complain. The loud restaurant needed something to reduce the noise within, so that customers could have a peaceful conversation while eating their meals....

Painted Acoustic Panels Enhance Restaurant Decor

Davis Square, Somerville

They even made it into the paper! Not long after the popular watering hole, The Painted Burro, opened, they realized they had overlooked a major detail – the acoustics. And everyone, including The Boston Globe, caught on quickly. While the...

Commercial and Restaurant Soundproofing Experts


New England Soundproofing is in the field to reduce noise to satisfy customers, homeowners, and neighbors! After years of successfully stopping noise in homes and offices, New England Soundproofing is now getting recognized on the specialization on acoustical work within...

Soundproofing Improves the Taste of Food

A recent article came out on how noise within a restaurant can affect the taste of the food that a customer is eating. This article by Scientific American talks about how noise while you eat will effect the way it tastes. Don’t let surrounding noise within your restaurant...