New Construction Wall Soundproofing and Existing Wall Soundproofing

Purchase Wall Soundproofing MaterialSoundproofing During Construction:

Soundproofing your home during construction is the most effective, easiest, and cost-efficient option. Installing Quiet Insul, Sound Barrier HD, MD, or LDNE Clip System over the studs prior to the sheet rock will stop noises from going through the wall. This is the most effective and cost friendly way to soundproof anything. With our Quiet Insul being rated at R13, R19, and more, we are able to effectively soundproof and insulate you home. Installing our Sound Barrier during construction would be no hassle, with minimal time and effort. 

Sound Barrier MD or HD, MLV TapeSound Seal, Quiet Insul, Sound Clips, and NE Clip System, are sold through our company and website. Click on the links above to bring you to each product page.  Scroll down this page for some real world examples.

Soundproofing Over The Existing Wall:

Many people find that they need soundproofing AFTER they build their home or office and they don't want to tear down walls to soundproof. Well, we found a solution. Using ourGreen Glue compound and another layer of drywall, we can successfully reduce the noise coming through your wall without taking any of it down! Of course, outlets and light switches should be seals to allow no noise to come through those!

Triple Leaf Effect!

Be Aware of the TRIPLE LEAF EFFECT! This is when you have an airgap between two hard surfaces - Like doing Channels between sheetrock. This increases the noise and lowers the STC Rating. Call New England Soundproofing to learn more about the Triple Leaf Effect!Source - IsoStore

The most common products you will need to soundproof, Sound Barrier MD or HDMLV TapeSound SealQuiet InsulSound Clips, and NE Clip System, are all sold through our company and website. Click on the links above to bring you to each product page; scroll down this page for some real world examples. 

These are the most common procedures for existing wall soundproofing, there are other procedures available, call for more details. 

Take A Look At All The Wall Projects New England Soundproofing Has Done In The Past By Clicking The Links Below!

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This homeowner heard transmission noise from his neighbor's sound system. We installed  Sound Barrier, NE Clip System, Sound Seal and MLV Tape to soundproof the wall. Prior to the installation, noise traveled through the wall. After, the homeowner could not hear the neighbor and only lost approximately two inches...

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