Ceiling & Floor Soundproofing

Ceiling or Floor Soundproofing is most effective prior to the installation of the finished materials. Various materials that New England Soundproofing offers can be used for hardwood, carpet, or even tile floors. Soundproofing your floors and ceilings help reduce the transmission noise as well as airborne noise from upstairs as well as downstairs.

Unfortunately, most people realize there is a noise issue after construction is completed; however, there are a number of options still available. The solution to soundproof the floor would be to remove the finished flooring, install the appropriate soundproofing material, and reinstall the flooring. Another option is to work on the ceiling below the floor, and either remove the sheetrock and install the appropriate soundproofing material, or go over the existing ceiling and install the appropriate soundproofing material. 

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What is Impact Noise?

When someone is JUMPING, RUNNING, or DROPPING objects in the room above you, there are a lot of noise bring produced. This noise, mostly known as “Transmission Noise” is one of the hardest noises to stop. The wood framing is very conductive, so the transmission noise that comes from that...

How to Soundproof your Floor

Floor soundproofing is the easiest and most cost effective way to mitigate noise traveling to rooms below. With soundproofing, you not only block TV, talking, and other airborne noises, but also the transmission noises from your walking, running, dropping, and children playing...

How to Soundproof New Construction Ceiling

New Construction ceiling soundproofing is the best way to soundproof your ceiling. Having the drywall off and joist showing allows for proper installation of the soundproof material. Soundproofing during construction is the most cost effective and most effective way to soundproof. Having a clean slate to soundproof the...

How to Soundproof an Existing Ceiling

There are various ways to soundproof an existing ceiling. The most common way is diagrammed below: "Best": This is the most effective solution to eliminating noise from above your ceiling. This is one solution to get the most noise loss from upstairs. It uses our Sound Barrier, MLV...

Living Room Ceiling Soundproofing


A residence owner wanted to soundproof not only the living room ceiling, but also the floor of the above bedroom during construction. The homeowner chose our "Good" system, which included installing the Sound Barrier MD, MLV Tape, and Sound Seal for basic mitigation. The outcome was exactly what the homeowner wanted. Noise from...

Boiler Room Soundproofing for Condominium


“New England Soundproofing is the only way to go!” was the comment by Michael McEnearney, the condominium trustee and unit owner after the finalization of a major boiler room soundproofing that included absorption of the wall/ceiling and soundproofing of the door...

Existing Condo Ceiling Soundproofing


Mr. and Mrs. Price were beyond satisfied with the work done to their master bedroom ceiling. New England Soundproofing was called to help the homeowners with sound issues coming from the ceiling. The open floor plan home that was above their first floor condo allowed the noise of kids running...